Bubu Monstry

Bubu Monstry


“Bubu monsty” is a toy box with a soul. The idea of “bubu” is to encourage the kids to return the toys back to the toy box after playing. Whenever the child puts a toy back into Bubu, Bubu makes sounds as if it is chewing and eating, the sounds increase when putting more toys in it. When all the toys are back in “Bubu”, “Bubu” vibrates and burps, by doing so “Bubu” informs the child that all the toys taken out of it are back in place and that now it is satisfied.


One of the challenges that parents are facing is the issue of room tidying, that is why we’ve decided to turn the challenge from a chore to enjoyment.
We focused on kids among the ages of 2-4 years; this is the phase when kids develop organization values. We’ve turned their toy box from a simple box into a friendly monster “eating” toys.

The decision was derived of three main reasons:

1. Children respond to stimulus: The chosen age range is set in the developmental stage when kids respond to the stimulus surrounding them. In order to attract the child’s attention to the stimulus, respond to it and ask for it again we’ve used sounds and vibration effects.

2. Focus on food: Children at these ages are in the phase when burping is a positive practice and they can imitate “Bubu’s” response when “eating” and “satisfied”.

3. Children tend to personify objects:According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, children at this age range tend to get attached to certain objects in their environment and to attribute human qualities to these object. Therefore we wished to create a bond between the toy box (Bubu) and the child so that the child would have the urge to help “Bubu”.

The reasons stated above helped us characterize Bubu and get to the final product.

Bubu Monstry


We’ve used weight sensor which identified whenever a toy was taken out/put in according to the weight range obtained. (Increasing weight= toy inserted, decreasing weight= toy taken out).
The data has been transferred to software developed in “FLASH”, which set the type of the sound and the toy box condition.
In order to know when and if all the toys taken out of “Bubu” are returned, the software has made a comparison between the sum of the weight decreased and the sum of the weight increased every time there has been a change in weight.
Balanced weight meant that all the toys taken out of “Bubu” are back again and therefore ” Bubu ” is satisfied, vibrates and burps.
The effect of vibration was activated by the use of “phidget”, which commanded when to operate according to a command it received from the software we developed.