New technologies and interactive objects changes the way we act in the world – at work, when we rest, in our relationships with others and even with ourselves. We as a designers, engineers and programmer have the ability to make influence, to shape and change our interaction with the world around us.
The Buthke’ projects is a scholarship program in which design, engineers and learning technologies students develop interactive projects for the community. For this program we selected 11 talented students.
The main ideas of the program was to involve residents and share with them thoughts and characterization during the process, and try to design a unique interactive projects for them to meet their needs / desires / wishes.
The group developed research kit (probes) which helped them to discover the resident’s wishes and to get inspired. They hand out the kit on the streets and in the community center “Neve Shoshanim”.
The students developed two conceptual projects and created working prototypes, while keeping contact with the residents, ask their opinions and observing.

Creating the kits

Going out to hand out the kits

Two of the filled postcards they got back

The two concepts
An interactive plant in the bus stations to create interaction between neighbors

A story telling phone allows you to tell story and hear one back, this project also want to bring more opportunities for people in the same neighborhood to interact.