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light paddle ball

This summer we were building interactive paddle balls. We used carton boards, LED, 3v lithium battery and some aluminum foil. Each time the ball touches the bat the LED lights turns ON.

Interactive origami

Using only paper, LED, battery and conductive tape we created interactive origami frog and bird


The Buthke’ project is a community project we had with the community center ‘Neve Shoshanim’ in Holon.

Light syringe

Interaction design workshop during the week of Passover at the Design Museum Holon. A fun workshop for kids. Turn 60ml standard syringe to a special light collector.

הדלקה 3

Interactive candles and torches

Interaction design workshop during the week of Hanukkah at the Design Museum Holon. The kids made interactive candles and torches that you blow on to light!

Night lamp

This night lamp made out of paper, bareconductive paint, transistor, resistor, LED light and 9V battery.

Hand ring

This simple activity is a great way to expose high school students to conductive tape, teach them the basic of electric circuit and experience alternative switches.