Croocodile Controller


A controller made from a crocodile puppet in order to play “CROC: Legend of the Gobbos” (a third person 3D computer game from 1997). The crocodile puppet which is worn on the user’s hand, and different physical “crocodile gestures” control the movement of the crocodile figure on the screen:

– Forward / backward – tilting the puppet up and down.

– Right / left turn – turning the puppet right and left.

– Jump – pulling the puppet’s tail.

– Tail strike – hitting with the puppet’s tail.


This was a very short project in which we were asked to connect a soft item to any computer application using I-PAC board (a simple keyboard card that taken from old video games consoles).
During the two weeks of development and design, we made a quick study to:

– Make a correct mapping between a selected computer game to a specific object.

– Develop the interaction, finding the appropriate gestures for the game figure.

– Create a working product at the end of the process.


Construction of simple switches (a system that closes the circuit if the requested movement was made) that plugged to an I-PAC board and place in a designated base.

– Tilt: 4 Mercury switches set in cross formation that close the circuit separately when the puppet tilted towards one of the directions.

– Tail strike: A metal pole within a metal a spring attached to the tail. Any tail movment moves the spring toward the pole and closes the circuit.

– Tail pull: A washer and a spring attached with a string to the tail. A pull of the tail closes the spring on the washer and closes the circuit


Udi Oren, Victor Bar, Eli Haimov