Drunken Mirror

Drinking mirror


Drunken Mirror is designed for social gathering places such as Pubs, and its purpose is to encourage people drinking and to enhance interaction between people.
There is one seat in front of the mirror for a single contester, with every drink the contester drinks more and more objects appear on the mirror (such as a hat, glasses, mustache, etc.) that actually interacts with the person by moving along with him, as he keeps on drinking more objects appear.
Not only the objects appear on that one person, they appear on anyone who looks at the mirror.
In addition- next to the mirror there is the “Wall Of Fame” that contains all the pictures taken with most objects on.


The main goal was making an uncomfortable situation to a more relaxed and funny. From that point on we started narrowing down the options and chose the “Pub environment”. We decided to focus on interaction between people who are unfamiliar and give them a trigger to start a conversation or any kind of interaction.
In order to encourage the interaction we thought about the drinking contests in pubs and that mainly because:

1. People come to Pubs to drink.

2. People will want to participate in the game since most of the people are competitive in their nature.

3. There are people who loves been the center of attention.

The aim is get people to experience something that seems familiar to them at first but later with a Twist (the objects).
The fact that objects are appearing over people’s faces is a new situation and may create options and chances for people to communicate.


The mirror showing the objects is a result of a projection of a computer screen that receives a photo of the people in front of the mirror through a network camera and by using FLASH software the object appears over the people’s faces.

Drink and contester identification:

The appearance of the object is controlled by the bar tender.
Underneath the bar there are two switches what are operated by PHIDJECT.
The first switch calibrates the system (deletes all the objects)-is used when a new contester sits in front of the mirror.
The second switch is adding the objects according to amount of drinks taken by the contester, and in charge of grading the “Wall Of Fame”.

We decided to give the control to the bar tender as a result of lake in time. The ideal idea was using a weight sensor under the cups that works when the cup is empty (after the contester drank the drink).

Drinking mirror

The Wall Of Fame:

The wall of fame is updated automatically when there is a new record. The new record changes the picture appearing over the wall and puts on the new picture of the person with most objects on and removes the old record to second and third places.
Just like the mirror the “Wall Of Fame” is a projection of the projector on milky colored Perspex.

Facial Identification:

As a part of the software we used for the mirror there was an opened code for facial identification, we added objects and operations that made the objects appear or disappear.