The relationship between people and technology can be charged with different values.
In the past, when people met computers in the office or factory, efficiency was the leading value.
Later, when the computer entered the home environment, ‘friendliness’ took on a central role – technology should be easy and user-friendly.
Today, digital technologies inhabit a growing part of our lives: in communication and entertainment, work and play, on the move and in the home. Our meetings points with them create a huge range of opportunities. What do we expect from our technologies? Which values should dominate our meeting with it? This was our focus this semester.


Dana Yichye Shvakman, Eyal David, Idan Arbel, Alex Lupuyev, Ariela Alt, Avishay Meron, Idan Traistman, Shachar Oz, Yuval shafriri, Yael Livne, Yossi Lugassi, Ohad Aviram


Michal Rinott and Shachar Geiger