In this semester we asked: how can sound be used in interactive environments, as a central channel for presenting information, emotion and context?
Technology is often perceived as something that puts distance between people. When we think of music and sound, we might picture people wearing headphones, each enclosed in his MP3 player. In our final project, we looked at the opposite scenario: interactions, with sound as a main channel, that encourage people to act together.


Avi Ashkenazi, Nir Beit Av, Yuval Bergman, Roy Zohar, Iris Zakheim, Sarit Hayat ,Orr Yaari, Or Leviteh, Ma’ayan Edwy, Yorai Sharon, Shlomy Sasson.


Nimrod Ram, Michal Rinott


Project 1 – Keyboard Hack

Project 2 – Augmenting an Object

Project 3 – Pre-Final Project

Final project – Sonic and Social Interaction Design