Reality Augmented

In current times we have access to a variety of inexpensive tools that can find, collect, monitor and analyze information from the physical and digital environments. This information can give new functionality to the objects around us, injecting them with new values and behaviors.

How is this new access to information changing the world as we know it? What needs and desires can we answer by injecting existing objects with new information?


Dima Visnevtski, Efri Altron, Eran Gal-or, Gal Veeinstein, Orly Golan, Idit Minka, Ilan Vardi, Levi Ziv, Maya Hazon, Noga Lavi, Shira Ronen, Yael Ofir, Yoni Levi, Peter Bolotin


Nimrod Ram and Shachar Geiger