Inclusive IDHO Exhibition

Come see, and try, 8 interactive projects. A kettle you have to whistle to, an alternative way to navigate TV channels, a remote control for an air conditioning systems that responds to your own warmth and cold.

Inclusive design means design that takes into account different people, with different abilities. In this semester we looked at how interactive objects can create beautiful and useful experiences, that can extend to include a variety of people.

We tried two different approaches: in the mid-term project, we started from a certain disability (visual, hearing, motor control, cognitive) and tried to learn about it. Looking specifically at the experience of shopping the supermarket, we created objects that address the disability, and then tried to see where they can be useful for people with different abilities. In the final project, we worked the opposite way around: we started by creating objects that mix and excite the senses in different ways. We then tried to see what the relevance of these objects is to people with different sensory abilities.