LOOKUP is a shopping-cart locating device.
Our product is made out of two parts connected as one unit. The first part is left on the shopping cart, while the other is worn around the wrist. The worn part has a built in button which, when pressed, triggers the part left on the cart to project an image onto the ceiling above the cart, indicating its location.



In this project we dealt with the challenge of making the supermarket more accessible for those with memory/orientation disorders. The solution we found is an Inclusive Design one, since it is common for everyone, when shopping in a large supermarket, to forget in which aisle the shopping cart was left.



Technically, the device was built by hacking a keyless entry system for vehicles. The remote, which was placed in the bracelet, sends a signal to the control unit in order to open a relay. We have identified the change of the relay using a Phidgets board. We programmed our software with Processing language, and the projection on the ceiling was done by a standard projector (but is planned to be used witha Pico projector on the device).



Anat Bawer and Tomer Pasman (with Noa Eshel).