by Daniel Sher and Liran chohen

According to mythology, Medusa was a female monster. Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. The legend tells about god name Perseus that was sent to kill Medusa. For this purpose the gods gave him few objects that will help him with the mission: winged shoes, shield, sword, and eye.

Our purpose was to let the user take an active part of the story telling.
On a double-side mirror we projected a character (Prometheus) that will tell the story. Every once in a while Prometheus will ask the user to help him find books that contains missing objects from the story (winged shoes, shield, sword, and eye). Each time the user finds the missing book, he will put it in the intended place (special shelf) and Prometheus will keep up with the story.

We used RFID card to identify the books. We selected a number of books for each object so the user will have a wide range of possibilities (the shoes can be fined for example in a fashion magazine or children’s books, etc).

We wrote a screenplay in accordance with the plot of the story when we took into account errors or delay in finding the right books. We also wrote software that runs the film when it detects each unique RFID and running the right movie for the next development.