The peep-hole project allows a sneak peek into the interaction design laboratory. Its purpose is to expose the activities and knowledge created in the lab to the viewers. The Peep-hole project is structured from 3 parts. Each of the parts is dedicated to one human sense.


To allow passer-by to peep into a place he doesn’t know. By peeping in the viewer can experience some of the abilities and pros that the interaction lab has.

Peep-Hole by Avi Ashkenazi


The peep-hole combines three human senses (touching, watching and hearing). In the visual part I tried to communicate with the interaction lab logo; so I developed the peep-hole in three holes. The first is the peeping-hole, the second is the speaker and the third is the knob. During this project I did lots of research, checking the height of the holes, the distance between them, the sound that helps the user to feel what he is doing, and the knob (materials, feel, and texture). Throughout the project I created 4 main prototypes; some were already installed into doors I collected from the street. The final product will be installed in the interaction lab’s door,
and this is where another interesting part of the research begins.


Presented in general details.

Prototype 01 – testing an idea of creating a knob, using the mouse laser bin as a guide for creating that knob.

Prototype 02 – max software for communicating with the new knob. I was testing the speed and delta of the turning knob, trying different knobs.

Prototype 03 – first implementation in the door number 1, new hacked electronic knob, sound system implementation, testing holes height and distance.

Prototype 04 – it was the second implementation in door number 2, testing with people near the lab. The door’s navigation metaphor was scrolling through moving film. The knob was like a radio’s knob, when you turn it you go forward / backwards.

* In this stage I decided to make some big changes, due to many good advices from Karmen Franinivich. First I changed the metaphor. I created a space behind the door eye so people would feel and connect what they see to the lab behind that door. The movie had become another side project that gave me the opportunity to deal with the communicational side of the project.

Prototype 05 – new door design, improving door’s strengths (anti-vandalism), and different door eye tries. Embedding a sound system that detects if a user is near; adding sleep / awake states, testing with several sensors, trying many video tests, checking clarity, focus, hierarchies, defining number of projects presented in the door.

Prototype 06 (current) – I created new and improved max patch, fixed portable electronics box that can be hanged on the door, better videos for use, increase knob sensitivity, sound design for guidance and clarity. Also due to many changes I have decided to minimize and remove many features that were build in pervious prototypes.

Future –better hardware, smarter software, real standing door, and much more.