Michal Rinott

Michal Rinott is the founder and head of the HIT Interaction Lab. She is an interaction designer with a background in cognitive psychology, and is a senior faculty member of the Industrial Design department at HIT.

Michal is passionate about designing and building interactive experiences that challenge the senses. Her work focuses on tangible interaction design, with an emphasis on sound and touch. She studied and worked in the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy, the world’s first and only school dedicated to Interaction Design.

Michal’s work has been presented in museums and conferences in Europe and the USA, including the ‘Touch Me’ exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum (the project SonicTexting), the CHI, DIS and TEI conference on interaction design. Michal was the Israeli delegate in the EU-funded research group on Sonic Interaction Design. She has worked with companies such as Sony, Nokia, IDEO, Waves and Verint, creating concepts and prototypes for future interactive products.

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