Plant idho play


The project is meant to give life to a simple plant and remind it’s owner that if you don’t water it, it will wilt and die. When the plant senses a low water level its slowly descends to allow for a wilted look, when watered the plant will rise and do a little dance to show it’s satisfaction.

We forget far too often to water our plants and as a result their beauty quickly fades, with all the hassles of everyday life it’s very easy to forget such a simple task. So why not enhance the interaction between plant and owner. Perhaps if watering the plant grants an immediate reaction, the plant’s owner will be more want to water the plant more often.

Technologically wise the plant consist of a base that hides the inner mechanisms, within the base is are 2 motors and chain which allow the plant’s “pot” to move up and down and tilt.

The pot is made out of fabric to allow it to compress and expand to allow for the interaction. An Arduino is used to control the motors and access the water level.