Our topic this semester was play. We looked at the role play has in our lives, and at ways in which – through interaction – we can engage playfully with our surroundings. In the first project we analyzed existing, classic games and proposed modifications. The second project – Plearning – was about learning through play, and was aimed at children The third project – Pleveryday – looked at play in the everyday. We proposed new – and playful – interactions for dull, daily tasks.

A unique course combining students from design, engineering, computer science, management and educational learning. Working in groups, using a hands-on approach, hacking and re-purposing, we explore the material of interactivity and craft beautiful experiences.

This semester the course focused on Play – PlayIDHO. What is the role of play in our lives? Where, when, and who can play benefit? How can daily life and daily activities become more playful, through interaction? 12 students and 2 teachers took this journey together during the second semester of the 2009/2010 school year.


Lizi Henik, Inal Madagi, Anat Shilo, Hilla Shamia, Ron Friedman, Shay Yeni, Ori Perez, Katie Levine, Irena Pilipienko, Doron Saban, Amitai Handler, Oleg Melumad.


Michal Rinott and Luka Or

The Interaction Lab, Holon Institute of Technology

Project 3 – Pleveryday

Duration – 6 weeks

This project looked at play in the everyday. We proposed new – and playful – interactions for mundane activities.

Project 2 – Plearning

Duration – 6 weeks

In this project we chose a learning topic for children and designed a playful way to learn it.

Project 1 – Games enhanced

Duration – 2 weeks

We examined existing, classic games and proposed a change in the play interaction to enhance the game.