Dora is a door that reflects your feeling through your knock, acting as a door inwards, into your state of mind.



A platform for Synchronized exercise with a loved one over a distance. We address the issue of motivation to exercise, targeting especially older adults who are not easily able to leave their house. Recent research has shown that moving in synchrony with another person creates an emotional connection. In SyncAlong we use the motivation to […]

MITS Smartphone Board Game HD

MITS is a board game that uses the mobile phone as the game pieces. By Mazi Tradenski, Timor Leiderman Itai Goldberg.


Meet & Match

Meet&Match is an interactive project of students and the lab team that was presented at Printscreen festival. Meet&Match allows 2 strangers to meet and have a beer… if they manage to find each other.


cArVATAR – A Novel Remote Control For Toy Cars

Bike Drawing Tool

The Drawing Bike allows users to ride a bicycles according to a drawing. The drawing translated to a “set of orders” and two motors attached to the bike’s handlebar “pulls” the rider by the figure that was painted.

Eco Table

Eco Table is an interactive table presented at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) visitor center. The unique topographic table creates a learning experience in which renewable energy concepts are understood through playful interaction. The tangible game pieces are water turbines, photovoltaic (solar) panels and wind turbines.When a game piece is placed on the table, […]

The DrawBox Project

The Drawbox Project is a children-oriented interactive artwork, in which participants can collaboratively create an imaginary-virtual world composed of drawings.


Mid project of storyIDHO. Proposal of new reading experiences of the “Shmulikipod”, using the benefits of the digital world and preserve the values ​​of the story.


According to mythology, Medusa was a female monster. Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. The legend tells about god name Perseus that was sent to kill Medusa.


An interactive table allows the user to reveal the story by feeling up the molds with clay. when two of the characters are filled it set on the animations. When all of the objects are feels, the user discovers the end of the story.


According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar, releasing all the evils of humanity leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again.

light paddle ball

This summer we were building interactive paddle balls. We used carton boards, LED, 3v lithium battery and some aluminum foil. Each time the ball touches the bat the LED lights turns ON.

Interactive origami

Using only paper, LED, battery and conductive tape we created interactive origami frog and bird



Exploring the relationships between people, noise and the urban soundscape.


The Buthke’ project is a community project we had with the community center ‘Neve Shoshanim’ in Holon.

Two Riders @ Tel Aviv Museum

Two riders sit face-to-face on bikes with a shared front wheel. Their goal is not to race – but to move in synch.

Solar Race

The two players had to use the mirrors to direct sunlight into to the car’s solar panel. Each car has two solar panels that supply its power.

Light syringe

Interaction design workshop during the week of Passover at the Design Museum Holon. A fun workshop for kids. Turn 60ml standard syringe to a special light collector.


Organi Bani Tzorani

A project that allows people to take something from the physical world, and make a sound of it. With RFID technology we succeeded in creating a machine that converts those items into sound.


Talking Motion

When people talk, there is another conversation with going on with their hands. 

הדלקה 3

Interactive candles and torches

Interaction design workshop during the week of Hanukkah at the Design Museum Holon. The kids made interactive candles and torches that you blow on to light!


CUBES abstracts the interactive object into the simplest of forms: a cube. The collection of 20 cubes is currently exhibited in the Design Museum Holon.


Interactive Bench

An interactive bench that creates an interaction between two strangers that sit on it.

____ THUMB_1

Croocodile Controller

A controller made from a crocodile puppet in order to play “CROC: Legend of the Gobbos” (a third person 3D computer game from 1997).


Defensive Coat

The Defensive coat creates a “psychological defense shield” in states of threat.



The InterActivator is a holding rail located inside an elevator. Its goal is to enhance the elevator ride experience.

Night lamp

This night lamp made out of paper, bareconductive paint, transistor, resistor, LED light and 9V battery.


Digi Dog

Digi-Dog is a transitional doll for a new mother and her baby. It records quality times between the two, and allows the mother to listen to these sounds during times when they are separated.



“OR” (light in Hebrew) is a doll for children who are afraid of the dark.


Gestural Blow Heater

Making waving gestures over the device opens, closes or sets the direction of the top shutters.



Amusity is a living room coffee table that returns music back to the center of attention in the home.



The peep-hole project allows a sneak peek into the interaction design laboratory.

radio_thumbnail is a music sharing product with a dedicated software and an online community.



The SensiMote is an interactive remote control for an air conditioning system. It is activated by intuitive gestures.



The SuperNav is a supermarket navigation system that is provided to customers by the supermarket.


Easy Cart

An ordinary supermarket carriage empowered with motors so handling the carriage becomes easy and as intuitive to the shopper as if it’s a regular carriage.

The Purplex Guide

The Perplexed Guide

The Perplexed Guide is a device that helps users differentiate between the prime and the bland while shopping at the supermarket.


Social Kettle

Our “Social Kettle”, as opposed to the regular kettle in the kitchen, functions as a social entertainment device which is used place in the living room.



LOOKUP is a shopping-cart locating device.

soundmarket-thumb photo


We tried to help people with visual disabilities enjoy the independence of shopping in the supermarket.



SensaTV is a novel television remote control embedded into the coffee table.


Sushi Samorai

The Samurai Samorai is an interactive cutting board that shows you how to make sushi in an easy and playful way.



The project is meant to give life to a simple plant and remind it’s owner that if you don’t water it.


Drunken Mirror

Drunken Mirror is designed for social gathering places such as Pubs.


Bubu Monstry

“Bubu monsty” is a toy box with a soul. The idea is to encourage the kids to return the toys back to the toy box after playing.



Zen for kids is an interactive puzzle for toddlers and small children that educates them about life in the jungle.


Color Crash

The project is meant to teach children how colors mix while at the same time making it a fun experience.



Create a toy that enables the teaching of a concept through the act of playing.


Can Crange

Can Carnage is a Pimped version of the classic “throw stuff at cans t’ill they fall out” game.


Yam Yabasha

YamYabasha is a game based on a classic outdoor game that is played by children in Israel.


The Living Room

Why not make the whole living room into virtual objects?



Project goal was to encourage people to go outside to the street.


Sign Language

Something To Someone.


Road Runner

RoadRider is a training gadget for bicycle road riders.


The Reader Whisperer

Instead of pulling out the book you just press on it and it moves a bit out of the shelf.


My Granny’s Bookspot

You go inside the cabin and selects one of the five books which where left there by previous readers.


Folllow Me

Create a little robot (possibly a book worm) that helps people find the book they’re looking for.


Sound And Peper

creating a Series of spices Accompanied by sound.


Sonic Maze

The ‘Sonic Maze’ is a table-top maze game for two players.