A platform for Synchronized exercise with a loved one over a distance. We address the issue of motivation to exercise, targeting especially older adults who are not easily able to leave their house. Recent research has shown that moving in synchrony with another person creates an emotional connection. In SyncAlong we use the motivation to […]


cArVATAR – A Novel Remote Control For Toy Cars

Bike Drawing Tool

The Drawing Bike allows users to ride a bicycles according to a drawing. The drawing translated to a “set of orders” and two motors attached to the bike’s handlebar “pulls” the rider by the figure that was painted.

Eco Table

Eco Table is an interactive table presented at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) visitor center. The unique topographic table creates a learning experience in which renewable energy concepts are understood through playful interaction. The tangible game pieces are water turbines, photovoltaic (solar) panels and wind turbines.When a game piece is placed on the table, […]

The DrawBox Project

The Drawbox Project is a children-oriented interactive artwork, in which participants can collaboratively create an imaginary-virtual world composed of drawings.



Exploring the relationships between people, noise and the urban soundscape.

Two Riders @ Tel Aviv Museum

Two riders sit face-to-face on bikes with a shared front wheel. Their goal is not to race – but to move in synch.


CUBES abstracts the interactive object into the simplest of forms: a cube. The collection of 20 cubes is currently exhibited in the Design Museum Holon.


Gestural Blow Heater

Making waving gestures over the device opens, closes or sets the direction of the top shutters.



Amusity is a living room coffee table that returns music back to the center of attention in the home.



The peep-hole project allows a sneak peek into the interaction design laboratory.

radio_thumbnail is a music sharing product with a dedicated software and an online community.