Online radio and music stations

You would have thought that the easy downloading and the multiplicity of music channels would make people to abandon the radio concept. Well, it’s not true.

According to recent publish by the ratings body Rajar, 47.2 million people are listening to the radio in the UK, each week. This is the highest listening rating since 1992. This increase is being driven in part by the growing use of the internet to listen to the radio and also due to new devices such as the iPad.

People love to be exposed to new music, to explore and to expend their playlist.

Another common listening option are the online music station like, Spotify, Pandora, and of more .These websites usually offer eclectic or specific playlists, a music recommendation service, and a sharing options. The obvious disadvantage is the fact that they are virtual, and unlike the physical intuitive radio interface – they offer 2d flat experience…

More thoughts about radio, and more background for this project, you can find in the project’s wiki-

The concept is a music sharing product with a dedicated software and an online community. The radio allows the user to hear his music and to explore other people’s music, not only when he is near his computer, but all over his house, in a ‘stand alone’ product,  connected to the users playlists in a WiFi connection.

The method

Like the apple airport express, the radio allow the user to stream his music and to hear it when he is in his bedroom, his living room or in his kitchen. The user can make special playlists or hear a random songs just like with iTunes or windows media player.

If the user is in an “adventurous” mood, if he wants to hear something new and to explore other people’s music, he is physically taking the main knob from “his” area to the “social” area.

Then he can insert the knob into one of the lighted holes, connect and listen to someone else’s playlist.

Each hole represents a member in a music sharing community. When a hole is lighted, the member is online and the user is welcome to connect to his “station”.

The design concept

The design inspiration came from the classic radio by dieter Brahms.

(, and from the old operators switchboards.

Coming up soon – the technical solutions and the final interactive product.