Sit Lamp

Project goal was to encourage people to go outside to the street, and make their stay a pleasant experiential. According to our vision, people enjoying the street, meet other people or just sitting, staring or watching events on the street. in this manner they make the street alive.

We created a system that includes a bench and a dynamic street lamp that encourages people to approach him, sit on the bench it’s connected to and stay beside him.

By subtle gestures of our street lamp responds to what’s happening around him. It follows the people who come to his environment, gets confused trying to figure out whom to respond. Looking for attention and offended if you ignore it or when it alone (turning his head, lowers it and dims the light).Our street light increases the light when someone is sitting bench attached to it, illuminating the environment to that person. It flashes the light dulls it or increase it to find someone to play with when there’s nobody around.

Interaction and Gestures

* Tracking of people in order to create interaction.

* If number of people passing in the street, street lamp gets confused after which one to follow, until it’s chooses only one of the people and will follow only after him.

* Beam strengthened as approaching the center of the bench, if the person really sits down to a maximum beam of light shining.

* If there are no people near the street lamp, or if they are next to him but did not move, streetlight offended, bow my head to one side and a flashing light – it’s sad that he has no one to play and communicate. Then he starts to move from side to side in search of an object to play with.

Interaction with the street lamp makes people react in different ways and gives the feeling that they have someone to be with him, even if they are alone on the street.


Street lamp powered by two engines. Each engine is responsible for the movement of one axis (X or Y). Complex system of motors, gears and bearings allows the various movements of the streetlight.

Extended system consists of several parts, including photo identification camera detects people in the area and gives information to the computer that processes the data and run the engines. In addition, monitoring is done using rotation sensors that check the position of the engine at any stage, allowing us to know at what point the beam is focused.

Sit Lamp