Social Kettle


Our “Social Kettle”, as opposed to the regular kettle in the kitchen, functions as a social entertainment device which is used place in the living room. In order to boil water with the “Social Kettle” the users need to whistle to it during the whole boiling process or else it just wouldn’t boil.


In this project we dealt with changing the interaction with an existing product. Our inspiration came from the old whistling kettle. The interactive part of the kettle is designed to become a shared experience. The group needs motivation and perseverance to earn their coffee or tea.

social kattle


The kettle has four spouts which face all participants. The kettle contains LED stripes that indicate two things: first, the water temperature (the color changes in a spectrum from blue to red). Second, the level of strength of the whistle (by the height of the lit strips, similar to an equalizer).

The technology is divided into two parts:

1. Software

2. Hardware

The software’s aim is to identify the whistle; the identification is done by using Processing software with Frucsinge Sonia library.
The hardware is managed by the Arduino Microprocessor. There are four sensors included in the hardware: Two force sensors to measure the height of the water in the kettle, one sensor to recognize the lid, a temperature sensor to identify the temperature of the water. We also put a Relay to control the heating mechanism.

In addition, there are 5 RGB LED strips controlled by the element TLC 5940 and 15 transistors pnp.

social kattle


Tomer Pasman, Yael Zwickel and Anat Bawer