Sonic Maze

Sonic Maze

The ‘Sonic Maze’ is a table-top maze game for two players. The goal of this game is to get from one end of the maze to the other without seeing the maze itself…

Each player controls one axis (vertical or horizontal) using a rotating handle. Based on an audio feedback, the players need to collaborate in order to complete the game. The audio feedbacks inform the players whether the hidden indicator is currently on track or not. The volume increases as the indicator gets closer to the end point.


We had SO many ideas but none of them felt right to all of us at the same time (when that wasn’t the case, we remembered that the project should also meet the challenge’s brief…).

Then, just when we thought to seek help from the UN, somewhere between a Disco Ball and Wind Bells… we all suddenly agreed – we want an interactive game, which will be tangible and get people to get rid of their ego and their sight and just listen to one another and to the game.

The first concept was to take an individual Tilt Ball game and turn it into a group game. What we had in mind is to have an annoying music which will only stop playing when the ball falls into the target hall. We were so excited about this idea that we stormed the design lab, grabbed a garbage bin, a large rounded piece of wood (did that belong to someone? Sorry…) and a shiny ball and started playing!