We tried to help people with visual disabilities enjoy the independence of shopping in the supermarket. We designed a sonic product that helps navigation and orientation, using voice presented through a headset. While walking in the supermarket, the shopper will hear the categories of the products found on the shelves around him or her. While walking in the center of the aisle, the sound is directional, to illustrate the location of the products, and when approaching one of the shelves, sound effects (pitch) indicate the height of the product on the shelf.



Some people with visual disabilities are able to see up to 50 cm. Purchasing at the supermarket can be difficult or impossible. Through our headphones, people can use multiple senses to make buying at the supermarket independently easier.


In the supermarket ceiling we place an infrared camera which tracks an infrared LED placed on the headset worn by the shopper. The camera image is processed by to identify the shopper’s location. Sound is played according to this location via a custom-made software developed in Processing.



Maya Avni, Itay Miller, Levy Davish.