The SuperNav is a supermarket navigation system that is provided to customers by the supermarket. SuperNav shows the shopper their exact location on an isometric map of the supermarket. When the shopper speaks the name of a desired product to the device, the map displays, dynamically, the location of the product and the shortest route to it. After the shopper reaches the desired product, they can move to next one by saying its name.

We selected a game-like style of the interface and interaction: the graphics show a pixel-style charcter moving in the space, and the sonic feedback when arriving at the desired location contains a humoristic “twist”related to the identity of the product.



Originally, this product was meant to be for wheelchair users and its main idea was to make the shopping experience into much faster, with less orientation mistakes and much more comfortable because of the inconveniences of navigating in the isles of the supermarket with the wheelchair and all of the other shopping carts. During the development we understood that this is actually a product that can be of benefit for everyone.



We used RFID technology to know exactly where the user and shopping carts are. We placed tags in gaps of one step. Each spot had 4 RFID tags in a row so the RFID reader won’t miss it, and we mapped the 4 as one spot. Two RFID readers were connected to a stable element at the bottom of the shopping cart, 3 cm from the ground. The readers were that were connected to Arduino.

For the input, we used a voice recognition software. To prevent the system from receiving noise from the background, we used a Press To Talk button that the user need to press while saying the name of the product.



Guy Eizon, David Budzik and Shimon Aviram