A platform for Synchronized exercise with a loved one over a distance.

We address the issue of motivation to exercise, targeting especially older adults who are not easily able to leave their house.
Recent research has shown that moving in synchrony with another person creates an emotional connection.

In SyncAlong we use the motivation to connect with a distant loved one as a way to increase physical activity.
Motivation to connect leads to willingness to exercise, and the synchronized exercise leads to increased connection, creating a beneficial cycle.

SyncAlong creates a real-time video connection between an elderly person and a loved one, who want to exercise together. When their movements are synchronized, visual decorations appear over the video stream.


SyncAlong can involve other. Physiotherapists can prescribe exercises for their patients to perform with their family members through SyncAlong family members can follow progress and share the commitment to exercise.
A SyncAlong APP will enable these interactions

we spent time brainstorming and bodystorming with residents in a senior citizen housing facility in Holon.