Talking Motion

by Doron Segal,Dana Mick,Shay Marci,David Kantor

The final result:

…and some process:

First presentation:
We decided to present the project when two people are talking, while they are talking there is another conversation with going on with their hands. We placed two computers facing them.
The results were relatively good but we felt during the presentation something was missing, the comments also showed that, we realized that two people together creates too much noise and something is lost in the interaction.
The decision was unanimous in the group: two people dialogue is too much; one person will be enough.

Second presentation:
We decided to try and add another layer to the interaction, like dividing the body, the movements and speed into sections that way each will play a different sound.
 We brought a microphone and recorded ourselves in different sections of gibberish nonsense shouting (needless to say how ridiculous it sounds to people around at that time), and put all the appropriate changes to the system.

Third presentation:
Not much has changed, but there were some changes, most of them were small but significant changes like how to make people understand what to do without telling them, how we steer them in to the zone of the camera and move without telling them that . All of that is related to the set – up around, how we build the set to invite people.
We introduced these changes in addition to the velocity distribution of a body but, failure, it does not sound good and not “feel” good, maybe if we had another week to work on it we had found a solution and make it work better.

Time to move to the next project, leaving only thoughts what would had happen if we had another week ……