Yam Yabasha

Yam Yabasha


Yam in Hebrew means sea and Yabash means land. Yam – yabasha is a game based on a classic outdoor game that is played by children in Israel. In the traditional game, a big circle is drawn on the ground (like in Hopscotch) Inside the circle is sea and everything else is land. There is a minimum of two players. One gives the orders (sea/land) while the other tries to follow by jumping in or out of the circle. The faster the player yells the orders the harder it is for the jumper to follow.
In the new version we created, the circle is replaced by two bouncy pads for the child to jump on; one is for Yam and the other for Y. We also replaced the yelling of the commands and made controllers that activate different sounds for sea and land.


In this project the goal was to take a classic game that has little to non technology and transform it to an interactive game or toy. We picked this game because it is very plane, and because we wanted to put it inside the house. (Also because it is very fun to play even as an adult…)


Each pad is made from two hard plates of wood and sponge between them. When a player jumps on the pad the plates close a circle and send a signal to the computer. The controllers are made in the same way only much smaller in size. When a player presses a controller it generates a sound that is related to sea/land. The sounds for sea are of those of water (like drops or waves) and the sounds of land are of live stock (like cows or chicken)