Zen 4 Kids


Zen for kids is an interactive puzzle for toddlers and small children that educates them about life in the jungle.


When we did our research and observed children’s play and toys we discovered that they enjoy most creating worlds of their own. In this game with every piece that they put in place something comes alive. This way, the children learn about the sound and behavior of the element whether it’s an animal or an element of nature like a small pond.


The game is created in a few layers.

Hardware: the play board and pieces. The board is made out of two clear pieces of thick plastic (0.8 mm) that are glued together and have cutouts in different shapes. Between the two pieces lies wire strings, each cutout has two strings going from its edge. The strings are connected to an iPack, one to a letter and another to the ground. The iPack is connected to a laptop that runs the program.

The play pieces are made out from the same material, with a brass cord attached to them. The board is placed on top of a computer screen that is hid in a wooden box so that only the illuminated surface can be seen. When a piece is placed properly in to the board the brass closes a circle. By doing so, the sound and animation for that piece are activated.

Software: Programming, animation and sound The interface is both animated and programmed using Adobe Flash .